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The Cast: Staff
How We Play Together

We are one team and we build strong, healthy and safe working relationships across easylaughs.

To achieve this we commit to upholding the following:


Be improv. We are what we teach. We are open minded, honest, supportive. We embrace mistakes, play, have fun and are free to be ourselves. We are present. We nurture and protect the community.


Respect. We welcome all races, ethnicities, affiliations, identities and experiences. We value the work that others are doing and expect the same in return.


Inclusiveness. We are conscious of power dynamics and are open to feedback and different perspectives from our community. We listen to each other and give space for each other to speak. We are better when we work together. 


Take care of yourself. Personal well being is key. Set boundaries for yourself, it's okay to say no. Share those boundaries with others. Share your truth.


Transparency. We set clear expectations for one another about roles, responsibilities and how and why decisions are being made. We communicate these openly and in a timely manner.


Involvement. We are all working towards one common goal. Different roads to achieve this are possible. We are accountable and responsible for our own actions. Our individual contribution helps our group successfully operate and grow dynamically.


Embrace some discomfort. Sometimes there will be uncomfortable moments. We are willing to share these moments and/or listen to others when they share. If we see another person uncomfortable, we embrace the situation and speak up.


Conflict resolution and problem solving. We deal with a conflict or issue constructively. We record all different perspectives from an unbiased position and carefully plan next steps.

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