Improv Your Dutch

Practice your Dutch in a fun way!

  • Starts 16 Feb 2022
  • 300 euros
  • Rehearsal Studios


easylaughs students get FREE entrance to our Friday shows and our Sunday workshops. Watching improv and playing with new people, learning from new teachers is a great way to supplement what you learn in class. Sign up to class today and let the perks roll in! ****** **Please note: this course requires a minimum of 6 participants before this class can start.** You’ve been in the Netherlands for a while, but you still get nervous when you’re about to order a coffee in Dutch. Or you try to speak Dutch to people on the street, but they revert back to English as soon as they hear your accent. You understand spoken Dutch reasonably well, but in a group conversation you get lost. Do you recognise any of this? Learning a new language is hard. Using a new language is even harder, especially with those annoying Dutchies who keep using the opportunity to show off their English. Starting out you will inevitably make mistakes, and that is just no fun...right? In improv, we love making mistakes. Improv is all about learning to fail and be happy, having permission to be silly, to laugh at yourself. It is the perfect tool to get more comfortable with the Dutch language. Improv Your Dutch is not about studying proverbs or learning the irregular verbs by heart, but about connecting, making yourself understood and just trying it out. This course runs for 8 weeks. We’ll do games, role plays and scenes in Dutch. All levels of Dutch are welcome. Experience with improv is not necessary. After the course, you will do a graduation show. In Dutch! In this course, you will: -Practice your Dutch in a non-judgemental environment -Use games and exercises to get your creative brain going -Do roleplays of familiar and not-so-familiar situations -Speak Dutch ‘freely’, without second-guessing yourself -Have fun along the way - Impress friends & family when you show off what you've learned in your graduation show on April 8, 2022. Jenny Hasenack is a native Dutch speaker, teacher of improv and applied improv and a language enthusiast. She is at her best whenever she can get people out of their head, into their playful self. COVID-19 Restrictions: easylaughs will only allow admission to people who have a coronavirus entry pass. You can get a coronavirus entry pass if you are fully vaccinated, have valid proof of recovery or a negative result from a coronavirus test taken less than 24 hours before entry. If necessary in case of a future lockdown, this course will go online.

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