Improvisation Level 2

Characters & Relationships Graduation Show - 17 Sep 2021

  • Started 28 Jul
  • 300 euros
  • Q-Factory


Alrighty, in Improvisation Level 1, we learned the fundamentals of comedy improv. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and breathe some life into our improv characters and relationships. Strong characters and meaningful relationships make an improv scene more engaging and enjoyable to watch. When we clearly establish our characters and relationships, we make it easier for our scene partners to react to our choices. In Improvisation Level 2 you will: - learn the skills used in creating a character - learn how to anchor your characters in a certain point of view or emotional choice - understand that bigger, emotional characters are more compelling to watch - learn to let your character's emotion drive your choices - expand your imagination and the different characters you can play - challenge yourself by playing relationships the audience cares about - get better at conveying emotion and picking up the emotion of your scene partner - develop your acting skills to bring your characters to life - learn how to root your characters in reality - build up an arsenal of characters you can utilise on stage - flex your characters and relationships in your very own graduation show on 17 Sep 2021!

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