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Students of easylaughs - Alexandra Metchkova

In this edition of Students of easylaughs, we meet Alexandra Merchkova. Alexandra completed her level one improv course in January and spends her days as an Operations Process Administrator. We asked Alexandra to tell us more about her experiences with improv and what it is that she gets out of it.

I had never performed on stage before, except when I was a schoolgirl and we did a dance show once. I remember being so shocked that on stage I could see no people, but only darkness and the lights in my eyes. I felt alone trying to remember my part of the dance, it was intense, but after improv all that changed, my memories transformed!

My childhood reactions disappeared - I felt I could jump a level higher and have fun. The improv atmosphere is very supportive.

I decided to try improv for the first time when my supervisor suggested it to me. She said it is the best money she'd spent in her life, and I followed. The first class was strange, as we did totally unexpected things. As the grown-ups pretended to know all better and act as rocks, it took a little time to achieve the fluid mind of a child playing.

All the games used in improv are actually icebreakers, stonebreakers, and if you let yourself use the power you can become anyone on stage and then apply it in everyday life if you wish.

I got a very cool and useful key that allows me to change any daily mood. In the improv classes you train your body and brain that by simply raising your voice or taking a step or clapping your hands, you become a completely new happy character...and it does not matter if this is only a pose. It is a very nice key to change the mode your spirit is in.

Improv improved my communication game with other people, gave tools to change the mood, mind and be more connected.

The most memorable thing that happened was the magic of meeting people and every time it turned out they are pure wonders! I totally love them, it does not matter if I see them after the course or not. If I had a chance I would definitely re-enter the game, as believe me or not, it creates magic.

If you feel tired - it changes your mood instantly. If you feel sad - you become happy. If you feel unseen - you become seen - and not with judgement but always with a smile! easylaughs is not only easy - it's real!


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