Join our improvisation comedy workshops every Sunday at CREA in Amsterdam. It’s all fun and games. 

Our improv comedy workshops are great when you are thinking of taking an improv comedy course but want to dip your toes in first. Our Sunday improv workshops are taught by different teachers and have a different group of people every time.


It’s 2 hours packed with laughter. Whether you’ve never heard of improv or have been doing it for years, our teachers welcome you to drop in and try it out. Happy Sunday!


€10 for one workshop or buy a package and pay less.  All comedy workshops are in English. Due to current Corona measures, you must sign up for a workshop online in advance.

Upcoming Workshops
VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - Gibberish Is A Real Language
IRL WORKSHOP - From a Distance
IRL WORKSHOP - How to Drop the Bomb
Safety Measures for our CREA shows and workshops
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Strippenkaart Holders!
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