Improvisation is a fantastic way to get in the moment and out of the comfort zone, to learn how to work and listen to each other better and to feel what it's like to play like a kid again. Improv is surprising and makes you laugh out loud, like, A LOT.


For 15 years, easylaughs has been proud to teach the joys of improv to the Amsterdam masses. We started with our humble Sunday workshop and quickly progressed to becoming the heart of Amsterdam's improv community, offering several courses on a weekly basis. We have a squad of the most experienced teachers in Amsterdam who bring their individual, expert touch to each class.


We're super pleased to provide a break in your busy work week with an energizing, stress-relieving class that delivers the laughs. Improvisation helps us quiet the over-thinker in our heads, work through our fears and anxieties, develop our creativity and imagination and reminds us how to have pure, joyful fun.


Oh, and you get to meet new people too! Expats that just touched down in Amsterdam, locals looking for a new challenge or folks wanting more fun all find each other in our classes and workshops. Making improv friends is easy, some even become baby-mamas and baby-daddies. Get ready for some cheese: we...are....easyFamily.


We also offer stand-up classes...say what?!? We often get asked 'what's the difference between improv and stand-up?' Wellll, if you ask a ride-or-die improv person or a stand-up fo' life person, you'll get very biased answers that somewhat take the piss out of each other. We're fixin' to stir things up and make improvisers out of stand-up-ers and vice versa. In short, some differences:

  • improv is a team-building, work in the moment activity rooted in letting go and trust

  • stand-up is an individual effort focused on presentation skills, delivering a personalized view of the world in a crafted 5-min stand-up routine

Both forms of comedy can and do benefit from one another. 


Our 8-week classes are a lovely, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual workout.  All courses are in English and in Amsterdam. During your easylaughs course, you get FREE entry to our Friday shows and Saturday/Sunday workshops. The pot of gold at the end of every course is the graduation show on the easylaughs stage at the CREA in Amsterdam.


Let us welcome you to the warm and wonderful community of easylaughs.

Want to fun-up your work day? Have a look at our corporate workshops.

IRL COURSE - Acting for Improv
IRL COURSE - Tarantino
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IRL COURSE - Improvisation Level 1
Meneer de Wit, centrum voor kunst en cul
IRL COURSE - Improvisation Level 2
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IRL COURSE - Stand-up Comedy - In Depth - Beginners
IRL COURSE - Improvisation Level 3
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