Welcome to the wonderful world of creativity, fun and learning! We ask you to tap into a free-flowing, open and collaborative state but, first, we need to create a comfortable, judgment-free environment that will allow your imagination to play safely. Our excellent host of international teachers love creating this space for you. We know how important it is in the learning process and to build trust. Check out our Rules of Engagement for more. We also happen to be a pretty fun bunch. You can usually find us after class having a drink with students, soaking up that after-class glow.

For 15 years, easylaughs has been proud to teach the joys of improv to the Amsterdam masses. We started with our humble Sunday workshop and quickly progressed to becoming the heart of Amsterdam's improv community, offering several courses on a weekly basis. We have a squad of the most experienced teachers in Amsterdam who bring their individual, expert touch to each class.

In an effort to increase our inclusiveness, easylaughs has a limited number of scholarships for our

Improv Basics (B.1) improv courses coming up. If you are interested contact us for more info.