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Workplace Learning with a twist!

Are you looking for profound new ways to build your team, and spice up your training?

Then improv is what you need!


Improvisation creates a fun, energising and safe environment for employees to build bonds as a team and develop the skills needed to face many of today’s workplace challenges. So much of what we value in improv is useful in the workplace, a great improviser is: 


  • A great listener

  • A creative thinker and adaptable

  • A fantastic collaborator

  • An engaging storyteller

  • An awesome communicator

  • A supportive team player

  • Confident, thriving in uncertainty

In an environment that is both challenging yet safe, supportive and fun, our workplace workshops help develop and unlock your hidden talents in a way that is both memorable and impactful.


We work with you to design workshops that develop participant's skills, especially in: 


  • Team Work

  • Building Trust

  • Being Present and effective listening

  • Creative thinking and design

  • Communication

  • Diversity, inclusion and biases

  • Agile ways of working


We also have experience of including improvisation and role play into your corporate leadership development programmes.

Ready to book a workshop?

What we offer..

All of our workshops are tailored to your needs. These can be:


2 -3 hour team building workshops which are a fun introduction to improvisation. You will experience the benefits of “yes..and”, letting go and making your colleagues look good and feel great.


Half day workshops where we focus on specific topics, bringing a blend of theory and practice to your workplace context.

Full day workshops which can cover multiple topics as well as dive deeper  on the specific needs of your team(s). These workshops tend to be facilitated by one of our improv performers and a topic expert. By the end of these workshops you will have developed, for example, a team charter, agreed ways of working and steps to improve psychological safety.

Who have we worked with?

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