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  • How much does a workshop cost?
    Our famous 2-hour team building workshops for max 12 people or less start at €950 (excl BTW, travel and venue hire). We offer a reduced price if you are a school or NGO / Stichting. For all other workshops, get in touch and we can explore your needs and associated price.
  • What is Improv?
    Improv is the act of creating and performing spontaneous, unscripted scenes or performances based on prompts or suggestions from audience members or other performers.
  • Do I need to have acting experience?
    Not at all. What is great about improv is that everyone can do it, regardless of level of experience. Our teachers and coaches will guide you through the various games and exercises.
  • Do I have to be funny?
    Improvisation is about creating moments of joy, not making people laugh. Some of the best scenes are stories of tenderness or discovery.
  • Is this only for outgoing extroverts? Will shy people feel left out?
    One of the joys of improv is that it is for everyone. We create an environment that is supportive and encouraging. And because listening is key, often quieter people make better improvisers.
  • Can people with physical restrictions participate?
    Absolutely. We can vary the exercises to suit everyone’s physical needs. We make sure that the experience is inclusive for everyone.
  • Where do you run workshops?
    We are able to run workshops both on and off-site. We also have a number of locations and suitable spaces that we can suggest.
  • Can you run workshops outside of The Netherlands?
    Yes we can. Amsterdam is a great transport hub making it easy to get to other parts of Europe..and beyond.
  • How long are the workshops?
    Our workshops are designed to meet your needs. Whilst most workplace workshops are a half or full day, we can also offer shorter 2-hour sessions
  • How many people can participate?
    We can work with both small and large groups. To make sure that everyone has a chance to participate, for larger groups (more than 12) we work with multiple teachers.
  • Do you do improv shows at conferences and events?
    At easylaughs we usually have a performance every Friday night. However, when partnering with workplaces, we focus on workshops and learning. If you are looking for corporate entertainment, get in touch and we can make some reccomendations.
  • How do I make a booking?
    It is very easy. Email us at and let us know: What type of workshop you would like How many people will participate Where and when would you like to hold the workshop Anything else that would be good for us to know
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