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Students of easylaughs - Nicola Zagari

Our students of easylaughs series is an opportunity to get to know a little about some of the many people who are part of the easylaughs community. This time, we get to find out a little about Nicola Zagari who has taken a number of our improv courses. By day, he's a plant biotechnologist, but in improv, he's anything he wants to be.

What made you decide to try improv?

I tried some regular theatre before, it was nice but memorizing the script was immensely stressful and often the audience was bored so when a friend told me about something called Improv I came to watch a show... And I signed up immediately!

What do you like most about improv?

It lets you jump in a parallel universe where everything is possible, nothing can be expected, all is out of your comfort zone but everyone has fun.

What sort of person would you think would benefit from improv?

Indeed everyone. An introvert learns that the public loves mistakes, extroverts learn to shut up and make others shine, rigid people learn to adapt to circumstances, perfectionists discover to embrace failure, weirdos will feel normal, your grandpa would be great on stage and the list goes on and on...


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