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Students of easylaughs - Olya Kartcheva-Grigorova

easylaughs is not just an improv group, it's a community. Hundreds of students have graduated one or more of the many easylaughs courses available, and each has their own story behind why they got started in the first place. We want to turn the light towards the many interesting people within our easylaughs community to get to know a little about them and get to know why they began their journey with easylaughs.

First up, we have Olya Kartcheva-Grigorova who has completed numerous improv courses with easylaughs and is a regular at our weekly workshops.

What made you decide to try improv?

I was looking to do something fun in Amsterdam, where I can use my creativity.

After spending some time googling what this could be, I came across easylaughs’ website and improv as an activity relevant to internationals as well (yep, my dutch is not that great yet).

As I didn’t know much about improv, I decided to visit several of the Friday evening’s shows before making the decision to enrol in a class, which led me to enrol in all subsequent existing classes and I am now doing this for 2,5 years!

What do you like most about improv?

What I like the most about improv is the ability to switch-off and move to a sort of a parallel world, where I can be anyone, anything and anywhere.

I remember one scene, which felt sooo real and magical. My scene partner and I ended up in a spaceship, where we were exploring the different constellations and while describing the brightness of the stars, it felt that we are there. It was so nice that I didn’t want the scene to end.

Further, the community of easylaughs is amazing, where I don’t know anyone who has not made new friends throughout their improv journey.

What sort of person would you think would benefit from improv?

I think that both introverts and extroverts can benefit from improv.

I was impressed to meet people with so many different reasons to enrol in level 1.

From individuals who wanted to gain better presentational skills for work or personal reasons (there was a person who was about to be a best man for example) to the ones who wanted to have fun and all the way to these willing to make it their career.


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