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Volunteers of easylaughs - Kasia Gotlib

What does easylaughs mean to you? The weekly shows? The Sunday workshops? The courses? One thing that's clear, is that with so much going on, it's not just about the people on the stage or teaching the classes. easylaughs is a thriving community of people, without who, none of this would be possible. Who do you think handles the lighting, the music, the door, the stage management, the photographs, the promo? Robots? Of course not! It's a bunch of the most magnificent people who each bring their own special talents to allow easylaughs to be the thriving improv community that it is.

First up we have Kasia Gotlib, one of our super-talented photographers whose visual alchemy turns everything we do to gold.

What do you do exactly for easylaughs?

Hi, my name is Kasia Gotlib and I am easylaughs’ photography volunteer.

What made you decide to volunteer with easylaughs?

One of my long time passion is photography but I find it hard to make time and space to practice it. So when one of the easylaughs members asked me if I would like to cooperate with them and become volunteer photographer I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to practice what I like on regular basis. The other great thing about shooting pictures is that I can bring so much joy to other people by immortalizing their special moments & performances and sharing it with others.

What made you decide to try improv?

My partner took improvisation and Stand Up courses years ago and shared the goodness of it with people around. I decided to try improvisation when I was going through a difficult time trying to reshape my career. I had troubles to “sell myself” on the interviews and bring that energy and passion I had at work. It turned to be the great investment in myself and gave me much more than great interviews…

What sort of person would you think would benefit from improv?

I think improvisation works on so many levels that it can be truly beneficial for a lot of people and everybody benefits differently.

It makes you laugh and relax, makes you a better listener, helps you to get out of your comfort zones, improve your presentation skills, it pushes your brain to think differently and challenge patterns.


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