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Stand-up Comedy - Beginners

Learn Stand-up Comedy: Grad Show Dec. 17!

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**Please note: this course requires a minimum of 6 participants before this class can start.** What is this course about? This course is an introduction to the world of writing comedy. We’re going to learn about the basic principles of building a comedic narrative and the Hows of performing stand-up comedy. Will I learn to write stories and comedic monologues? Yes. But that’s not the only thing you’ll learn. Will I learn how to get on stage and make people laugh? Yes, and then some. Will I learn to love and accept myself, honoring the teachings of the JOKER, being that if I embrace my own sense of humor nothing can stop me? Well, I mean... we don’t know if that’s the message the movie is trying to deliver but, yes, sure, we’ll try. You’ll take 8 classes, each 2-hours short, one per week. We will learn both the theory and the practice of stand-up comedy, from the desk work to the stage. Each class will consist of a short lecture on a specific topic, creative games, and space for writing and feedback. The final bit of the workshop will be focused on polishing your 5-minute set, getting it ready for performing at our graduation show. Class 1: Laughter & creativity • Playing with ideas • What makes YOU laugh? • Humor is a state of mind Class 2: The audience of the joke • The joke as a communicative act • Plausibility, hypotheses and expectations Class 3: Structure • Structure of the joke: set up and punchline • Structure of the set: creating and closing bits • Rhythm: beats and pauses Class 4: Dark Humor • Benign violation theory • Does humor have limits? Class 5: Political Humor •Transgressions as critique •Playfulness and ideology •Who has the mic? Class 6: Absurd humor • Creating meaning to break it • Delusion and deception Class 7: To the stage! •The here & now •Asking for feedback • Sculpting our stage persona Class 8: From the game to the craft •Turning the process into results Included in this course: • A graduation show at the end of the 8 weeks & FREE easylaughs shows & workshops for the duration of your class! • A video of your performance at the graduation show • A Whatsapp group (‘cause we all love those) for Q&A during the week and to share comedy resources with your peers. • A Google Drive folder filled with: • Extensive humor theory bibliography • Outlined notes of what we saw each class • A video of every bit you bring to class (optional) and the feedback you receive • Illustrated theories in Powerpoint slides

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easylaughs, Nieuwe Achtergracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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