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A September to Remember

Newsletter September

Did you get enough of the North Sea? Back from vacation? Ready to rock n roll? easylaughs is back from our summer break (the "summer break" started December 2020, but who's counting?) We had some awesome student shows over the summer. The Jams were so much fun we have decided to make them a permanent feature of our Friday night shows. So come along, see some improv and get on stage yourself!




Word of mouth is our best friend. Do you love improv? Wouldn't your friends love improv too? Refer a friend to our Level I Improv- The Basics or our Beginner Stand-Up Comedy course and get 25€ off your own course!

We also offer improv comedy workshops and trainings for business. Send us your boss, team or colleagues for a business team workshop and also get a 25€ gift of comedy certificate to use at easylaughs.

Singing in (or out of) the Rain?

We are starting up with our Musical Improv Training Workshops again. If you ever wanted to riff a jazz tune, croon the blues or just once in awhile make a fantastic rhyme, this workshop is for you. No experience in singing is necessary. First workshop is Saturday, Sept. 18, 13:00-15:00 at the Cinetol.

More information and sign up HERE.


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