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Good Things Come in Threes

easylaughs Newsletter from June 3rd

In NL, we've been experiencing a rapid decline in our COVID-19 numbers which has brought us to Step 3 starting 05 June! Step 3 is wide and wonderous like your favorite orifice. Safely and surely, once again, we get to enjoy the many cultural activities we've been hangry for. Our 'plan of attack' team at easylaughs is pouring over the rules and the records to determine what we can start and when. We're bubbling over at the thought of opening again and sharing the joy! We will update you once our plan is sorted. We know you have heaps of things auditioning for Your Next Fab Activity. There's that beach holiday somewhere new, the visit back to the fam, a seat at a football match, dancing at a concert, a run through the reptile house, there are possibilities for days. We want you to fill your faces with all the good times! While you're filling up your face, please think about when you'd like to take a course or workshop with us and let us know by filling in the form at the end of each class description. We want to make sure easylaughs is at that buffet table with you!

summer is finally showing its ass

That's PERFECT for our In the Wild classes. We learn, laugh, play and then hang and picnic in the park! 10 June - Improv - Duos Remember it's FREE to sign-up for an improv easyroo session, music improv bookings also available!

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