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Students of easylaughs - Marijana Novak

Marijana is one of our standup comedy graduates who took our introduction to standup comedy course last year. We get people signing up for our courses from all different walks of life, looking to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. By day Maijana is a Data Strategist, but by evening she's leaving the crowd in hysterics.

What made you decide to try stand up?

Haha. My outrageous lady friend dared us to perform stand up for her birthday. Well... challenge accepted. (She had to do it as well).

What do you like most about stand up?

Stand up colours your perspective with humour as you (try to) transform regular daily occurrences into jokes. I love the bizarre social contract where one person stands up and tries to make others laugh.

Has anything you’ve learned in stand up impacted other parts of your life?

Stand up comedy is so challenging that it makes all other parts of life a walk in the gosh darn park.


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