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Giving Back to the Community

Lately, I had a chat with someone who would help at easylaughs with marketing. The conversation went like this.


— What do you mean by saying that easylaughs is community-focused? What do you mean with « community »?

— Our students, our volunteers, our cast, our audience. We give this for free, that for free, we have family tickets, sponsorships…

— Slow down. Is there somewhere on your website where I can find all this information?

— Actually, no. The information is scattered …

— Instead of showing me all these things, why don’t you tell me about this?


Tell and show (pun intended)

That’s right. It’s time to tell and have everything in one place. This is the list of things we do for the community. It sounds like we are blowing our own trumpet. We are.


1. Scholarships for beginners

We understand that sometimes finances can be complicated. We are committed to offering several scholarships to students who have never done improv or stand-up before and need financial help to take a course. The scholarship money comes from generous donations from our community. THANK YOU for spreading the love!

If you are interested in applying for an easylaughs scholarship for Improv Basics or Stand-up - Beginners, send us an email.


2. Sponsorships

Some students have enough money to take one course but taking the whole series of levels can be a financial burden. To these students who are already in our community, we offer Sponsorships. Everyone has a talent and easylaughs is always looking to grow and improve so we have turned this into a win-win situation. You help us and we help you!

 If you would like to take a continuing course and are willing to volunteer some hours of your own specialty in return, we would love to hear from you. Currently our Research & Development, Social Media/Marketing and Finance Department can use sponsorship interns. For more information and to sign up, click HERE.


3. Greenhouse Program

The greenhouse is an easylaughs initiative to give easylaughs students a chance to perform free from course. The students receive a 2-hour coaching to prepare for the show and a show. easylaughs plans to offer these edition once every couple of months minimum.

4. Family Ticket 

Even if you are not related, 4 tickets for 3. At easylaughs, you get to choose who your family is.


5. Free events when you are a student

When you sign up for a course, you get free entry to our Friday shows and Sunday workshops. That's a € 30 weekly savings! The earlier you sign up, the more you save!


6. Graduation shows for students

After eight classes, our students have a graduation show where they perform on our stage. The shows are filmed and photographed. And they get snacks!! For stand-up comedians, we make sure that each one gets their own set so they can use it for self-promotion.


7. Community shows and Jams

In addition to the graduation show and the Greenhouse Program we offer our stage to other groups and teams that can use the latest spot on our shows. We also organize jams, so anybody could be on stage and join the fun.


8. Referral program

If your friend starts their learning journey with us by joining Improv Basics or Stand-up Beginners and names you as their contact, you get € 25,—discount on your next course.


And that’s all, folks!! For now... Let’s see if we can think of something else in the future.


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