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Volunteers of easylaughs - Beatriz Guidone

For some of our volunteers it's very obvious what it is that they do, and how it is that they contribute to our community, but for others, their impact isn't quite as obvious. You may not be familiar with Bea Guidone, but you have no doubt encountered her artwork, her design, her social media posting and co-ordination. Bea does so much for the easylaughs community and it would be an entirely different place without her. Her contributions help us all know what's going on with easylaughs and encourage others to go down the paths that many of us have already taken. She's a productive powerhouse whose design skills show that her veins run with creativity.

How did you get involved with easylaughs?

Eight years ago, Jose, my husband, and I moved from Spain to Amsterdam because of his work. Just moved to a new country, a new city, and we felt a bit lost and strangers in this new environment. Jose was looking for a course or training to help him to deal with public speaking at work. We found Easylaughs improv level 1 course and he, with some insecurities and reluctance, signed up! I remember his graduation show! I was so shocked to see him on the stage, having fun in front of so many people. The show was great, we laughed a lot, I met his improv mates. From that moment I started to feel that we weren’t strangers in this city anymore, we were the newbies still but we realized that there were a lot of people in the same situation as we were. Every Friday at Crea, students, friends and easylaugh cast, gathering together to have fun, and laugh until tears come out from our eyes. Easylaughs have been present in our lives in one way or another for the last 7 years.

What made you decide to volunteer with easylaughs?

A few years ago we moved to Utrecht, a very different lifestyle and we almost lost contact with Amsterdam's life. When a year ago I saw a message from easylaugh asking for volunteers, all those good memories came to my mind and I thought it would be nice in some way to reconnect with the amazing community that easylaughs is!

What do you do exactly for easylaughs?

A year ago I joined as a volunteer to the social media team. I help with social media strategy and management, content creation, and social media marketing.


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