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Volunteers of easylaughs - Elena Carbonell Sánchez-Gijón

Elena is a person like no other. She can fill a room with joy, enthusiasm and positivity in a way that people wish they could harness and sell in little bottles. If you've done or seen anything with easylaughs in the last few years, you've probably come across Elena. She has the commanding presence needed to be the perfect stage manager and when she speaks, people listen. It's with great pleasure that I bring you this little Q&A with our latest Volunteer of easylaughs.

What made you decide to volunteer with easylaughs?

The decision wasn’t made by me, they approached me. It sounds like some kind of a spy movie, where the CIA is following a guy working in a computer store because they think he has superpowers. It’s funny because it happens to me a lot, with other groups, associations, businesses. Whenever it happens, I think: There must be something in me that screams “I want to help”, and I do like helping. I like to be part of the process of creating something, of working in a team.

I guess the real question would be: what made you stay as a volunteer? Because easylaughs is a nice team, and I want to be there along the way to their bright future.

What do you like most about improv?

Letting go. Like in Frozen. I love the fact that you don’t reflect and blame yourself or beat yourself up when you make a mistake. And you don’t get to repeat anything. You have one go. Just one go. When doing scripted theatre or preparing for a choir concert, you have to repeat and repeat. You aim for perfection by repetition. In improv you also aim for perfection by being present and totally in the moment. It’s just like in real life. It feels real and honest.

Have there been any parts you’ve found particularly hard or easy?

The first time I tried music improv was on a Sunday workshop with Emma. I remember being totally thrilled knowing I was going to do that!! I was surprised how easy it was for me! Totally unexpected. Like a part of my brain suddenly lightened up. I didn’t have to make any effort, it felt so natural. The only difficult thing for me is the rhyming. I am aware that I need to practice that.

For me, the hardest thing is to find the balance between giving and taking focus. Between accepting the gifts from the other players and giving my own. And enunciation. I get so excited that I speak very fast…it’s hard to understand me. And with braces, it’s even more difficult!


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