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easylaughs Volunteers

If you enjoy being a part of our community and would like to be more involved with easylaughs, consider being a volunteer! We have show night volunteers, box office, stage manager, photography, tech, as well as marketing, IT and opertional volunteers. Our volunteers help keep easylaughs running smoothyly! We are a volunteer organisation that loves supporting volunteers with great perks and fabulous opportunities.


If you are interested in volunteering, let us know. We are definitely excited to hear from you!

easylaughs Scholarships

We understand that sometimes finances can be difficult. We are committed to offering a number of scholarships to students who have never done improv or stand-up before and need financial help to take a course. The scholarship money comes from generous donations from our community...THANK YOU for spreading the love!

If you are interested in an applying for an easylaughs scholarship for Improv Basics or Stand-up - Beginners, send us an email.


easylaughs Sponsorships

Some students have enough money to take one course but taking the whole series of levels can be a financial burden. To these students who are already in our community, we offer Sponsorships. Everyone has a talent and easylaughs is always looking to grow and improve so we have turned this into a win-win situation. You help us and we help you!


If you would like to take a continuing course and are willing to volunteer some hours of your own specialty in return, we would love to hear from you. Currently our Research & Development, Social Media/Marketing and Finance Department can use sponsorship interns. For more information and to sign up, click HERE.

easylaughs Donations

If you love improv, the community and what we do AND, most importantly, if you have extra cash to spare, we welcome your donations! 100% of donations go towards the easylaughs Scholarship program to help people discover the joys of improv and stand-up.


There is also an option to donate when you join an event with easylaughs. When you buy a ticket to a show/course or workshop, you donate the same amount of money and that money goes to the Scholarship program. You will see this in the ticket offerings when you buy a ticket to an event.

Thank you for your donation!

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