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Privacy Policy

At Easylaughs, we take your privacy very seriously, but we promise not to take ourselves too seriously! This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information with care, sprinkled with a pinch of humor. So, get ready to giggle while we dive into the nitty-gritty of our data practices!

Information We Collect:

Personal Information: When you join our improv shenanigans, we may collect some personal details like your name, email address, and contact info. Don't worry, we won't use them to send you a million knock-knock jokes (unless you want us to!).
Cookies: Just like we enjoy munching on cookies during rehearsals, our website uses digital cookies to enhance your experience. These cookies are not edible (bummer, we know), but they do help us analyze site traffic and improve your laughter journey.
Pixels and Hotjar: We have our improv spies called pixels and Hotjar, who gather anonymous data about your interactions with our website. They're like our comedy secret agents, helping us understand your preferences and deliver even more hilarious content.


How We Use Your Information:

Service Delivery: We use your personal information to ensure a seamless improv experience, from ticket purchases to class registrations. We won't go all diva on you – just smooth sailing through the laughter waves!
Communication: Expect some quirky newsletters, event updates, and exclusive promotions sent your way. Don't worry, we won't fill your inbox like a never-ending joke marathon. You can always opt out, but we promise our emails are way funnier than your uncle's forwarded memes!
Improving User Experience: Thanks to our improv detective work using cookies, pixels, and Hotjar, we can fine-tune our website, improve navigation, and deliver comedy bits that match your unique sense of humor. It's like a tailored stand-up routine, but online!
Data Sharing:

Trusted Partners: We may team up with trustworthy third-party providers who help us deliver our services with a punchline. Rest assured, they're contractually obligated to keep your information confidential and won't go spreading your comedy secrets around town.
Legal Compliance: In rare cases, we may need to disclose your information if the law demands it or if we suspect foul play. We promise we won't bring out the clowns and the siren sound effects without good reason!


Data Security:

We take data security as seriously as a mime who can't find an invisible wall. While we implement top-notch measures to protect your personal information, please remember that no system is foolproof. We'll do our best to keep your data safe, but we can't guarantee absolute security. It's like a well-rehearsed improv scene – we give it our all, but there's always an element of unpredictability!


Children's Privacy:

Our improv comedy is suitable for ages 13 and above. We wouldn't want to corrupt innocent minds with our silly jokes! If we accidentally collect personal information from someone younger, please let us know, and we'll handle it with utmost seriousness (or maybe a funny dance move).


Updates to the Privacy Policy: 
Just like an improv scene evolves, our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We'll keep you posted on any updates, so check back occasionally to catch up on our latest privacy punchlines!
If you have any questions or need clarifications about our Privacy Policy or anything else, feel free to reach out. We're here to make you laugh and ensure your privacy is a well-guarded comedy secret not only for you, but for all your improv alter ego's!

Last updated: 11-05-2023 (Don't worry, we won't prank you with a imaginary props or switcheroo shenanigans! We wouldn't want to invade your inbox with unrequested humor. We're all about the 'yes, and' approach!)

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