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Online events & training for your business

Did you know that in addition to our improv and standup courses which we offer to all, we also do events and training for companies and organisations too. Whether it's something to help upskill the attendees in particular things such as public speaking or presenting, or something more fun as part of a work social calendar, easylaughs have you covered.

In these times of lockdown, it can be hard to find things to do to keep your employees connected and focused, which is where easylaughs comes in. Our workshops and performances aren't just educational and inspirational, they're also exhilarating and fun, and can serve as a fantastic ice breaker between people. Through improv, people unleash their creative minds and energies which results them feeling renewed and motivated.

It's simple to co-ordinate too, with your employees needing nothing more than an internet connection, these trainings can take place through Zoom so that no-one has to go anywhere and can take part from the comfort of their own home. We're based in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, but can cater for you no matter where in the world you are, or what your time zone.

Sometimes it takes an external view and people who aren't caught up in the day to day operations in order to help others, and to inspire them to move up to the next level. Getting stuck in a rut is something that can happen to anyone, and with remote working becoming so much more common, this can leave your workforce demotivated and disconnected.

A motivated employee who feels like they're doing the best they can, or know the best ways in which they can improve is not just helping themselves, but is benefiting the entire organisation. That positivity shines through and sets an example to others creating a net positive cultural boost which is something that's so difficult to manually manufacture.

We are professionals with decades of experience between us who have undertaken workshops for numerous clients such as Zoom, Booking.Com & Rabobank. We know what it takes to get through to people and can create customised sessions bespoke for those in attendance, whether one or two people or dozens of people.

If you're trying to boost your company culture and are looking for ways in which you can do this online, then reach out to us at easylaughs, and we'll put something together which meets your needs and far exceeds them.

No person is an island, we work best together, and easylaughs are there to help you through it all.


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