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Students of easylaughs - Nira Tal

Nira graduated from one of our standup comedy courses last year, and has been gigging intensively since. She found a love in standup and has been scratching that itch at comedy nights all over the country in the last year. Here's what she had to say as our latest Student of easylaughs.

"I took the standup course after having a burn-out at my work, as part of a search for what will make me happy again. Needing to write and think comedy for 8 weeks long really forced me to try and find what’s funny around me. It changed the way I was looking at things, for the better. What I love most about it is that moment when you figure out what’s funny about a certain situation or a thing. It’s like solving a puzzle. And then when other people laugh about it too. It’s magic."


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