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When will the easylaughs next run the course I want to do?

easylaughs offer a lot of courses.


That number is increasing all of the time.

However, when you look at the course description page, and then look at the courses page, you notice something wrong.

"Where are the rest of the courses?"

Fernando Rodil performing improv with easylaughs looking anguished
The pain you feel when you can't find the course

You've looked at the course descriptions page, you've looked at the courses page, you've looked at them again, you've checked it twice, but STILL...

You can't find the course that you want to do.

Well don't despair, because there is a way around this.

If there's an easylaughs course that you want to do, but it's not currently listed on our courses page, you just need to let us know with this simple link.

That's right, that's all it takes.

There's no commitment, there's no big effort, you just need to let us know which course it is that interests you.

Why do you need to do this?

easylaughs run beginners courses regularly. There are always so many people who want to try improv or standup or something else for the first time, and often get referred to us by others through word of mouth. As a result, for the beginners courses, there's usually at least one of them on the site at any one time, waiting for you or someone you know to take the plunge and sign up.

Fernando Rodil performing standup comedy for easylaughs at a show
The joy you feel when you work it all out

For the intermediate course, the students have to have some experience already, so those courses run less regularly, as there are naturally fewer people avaiable who can take it.

In order for us to plan our course schedules properly, we want to offer the courses people want to do at the time that they want to do them.

The only way we know that there is demand for one of our courses, is if people tell us!

When you fill in the form to let us know about a course you want to do in future, it helps us know that there is demand for the course to run again, and it helps us let you know when that happens. There's no obligation, but it helps us know what people out there in the real world are thinking. It's really as simple as that.

So if there's a course that you've been thinking of doing, or are interested in. Just fill in the form! It'll take less than a minute, and everyone wins!

Why not tell a friend about this too? There's nothing better than continuing your education with someone who's already shared part of the journey with you already.


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