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Its the weekend! Take it easy...

Thinking about coming to a drop-in workshop? Not sure if its for you? Take this simple quiz to find out...

1. How does your Saturday night usually end?

A. Stumble home somewhere between 3 and 5am. Trip over bag left in hall. Start making sandwich to absorb alcohol. Head to living room to look for mayonnaise. Fall asleep on sofa.

B. Reach end of chapter in absorbing book by popular but niche contemporary author. Brush teeth. Floss. Place bottle of water on bedside table. Check clock - before midnight. Congratulate self. Switch off light.

2. How does your Sunday morning usually begin?

A. Wake around 7am. Groan. Roll over, go back to sleep. Wake again at 11.30am to sound of flatmate hoovering living room. Curse. Wander to kitchen and find half-made sandwich. Go to bed, with sandwich.

B. Wake at 7am. Stretch. Shower. Go out to local artisan market. Return with fresh gluten-free bread, organic tomatoes and gourmet cheeses. Prepare coffee and sit on sofa eating breakfast and reading Sunday newspapers on iPad.

How did you score?

Mostly A's
You are clearly a party girl (or guy)! Maybe you love social interactions and meeting new people, and the endless possibilities for adventure, spontaneity and chance encounters? Or maybe behind the partying you are desperately alone and unhappy. Insecure, nervous, racked with doubt and seething with despair. Come to an improv workshop and cheer up! You can meet new people *and* learn to love yourself. Try fighting the hangover long enough to get onto your bike. Once you start cycling you'll wake up enough, you can crash out when you get home later.

Mostly B's
You clearly have your life under control! You've learned to take care of yourself and keep a balance in your life. You also seem a bit smug. And probably quite annoying. No friends? Yeah, we thought so... You need to lighten up a bit. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Come to a workshop and laugh at yourself. And maybe work on that social life, head to the cafe afterwards and talk to some people. And have some cake, it won't kill you.

One of each
Hmmm... you are weird. We'd love to meet you! Could we suggest a workshop?
Psst! Buy a strippenkart and save €€€!

Pay for a block of workshops in advance and receive substantial savings! AND your strippenkart works at shows too - its never been cheaper to watch or try improv...!

Strippenkart prices 2019/2020:
€30 four workshops/shows
€50 eight workshops/shows
€75 twelve workshops/shows

€10 single workshop

So... that's that then!

No experience is required and you don't have to reserve. Just come along to Crea a few minutes before the start time and mention "easylaughs" at the reception desk. They'll point you in the right direction.

Future workshops...

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