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Every Friday night at 9pm we put on a completely improvised show in English at the CREA Cafe in Amsterdam.

For real improv lovers, we also have early bird shows at 8pm with guest players from around the world, experimental formats and open mike nights.

20:00 main show

Guest Show: Take One

Peter More takes a suggestion or two from the audience, then leads us through a multi-character, multi-threaded story from his own imagination, journeying through a world created on the spot.

With just one stage, one man and a few suggestions, its the ultimate improvised comedy challenge.

  21:00 main show

Main Show: Impro Flow

Its show with flow. A great philosopher once said, "Get into the groove, cos you've got to prove your love to me" and we think that behind the literal meaning lies a metaphor; go and see the easylaughs Impro Flow show.

Stories flow into each other like tributaries and streams, sometimes they cross paths, and sometimes they remain forever parallel. This show is the same but with improv.

Drop-in Workshops

easylaughs offers drop-in improv workshops in English every Sunday at 12pm, everyone is welcome and no experience is required. Only €10 for 2 hours of fun and creativity.

Workshops are held in the awesome rehearsal spaces at the CREA, just ask at the reception desk for the room number.

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10 May Ash Listening CREA 2.01

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