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Every Friday night at 9pm we put on a completely improvised show in English at the CREA Cafe in Amsterdam.

For real improv lovers, we also have early bird shows at 8pm with guest players from around the world, experimental formats and open mike nights.

20:00 main show

Guests: Knowmads

We're eggstatic to welcome another new troupe-on-the-block, which has sprung from the ovaries of Mother easylaughs. People will be scrambling to see their debut show, let's hope none of them get poached by Comedy Central.

Come and see the whites of their eyes as they emerge from their shells, and listen to their yolks. Ok, enough of the egg puns, have we piqued your interest enough to get you to come and find out what its all about?? Come on in, its Knowmads!!

  21:00 main show

Main Show: Season Finale

This is the end, my friends, the curtain call is approaching, the maintenance engineers are waiting in the wings, the costumes are being put into storage and the understudies are heading back to Starbucks.

But we're not going quietly, we're going out with a bang, the likes of which haven't been heard since the big one. Its a whole-cast-Improv-Comedy-end-of-season review extravaganza, and its all for you! Come and tell us what to do, and we'll thank you with the gift of laughter, and it aint over till that lady sings.

Drop-in Workshops

easylaughs offers drop-in improv workshops in English every Sunday at 12pm, everyone is welcome and no experience is required. Only €10 for 2 hours of fun and creativity.

Workshops are held in the awesome rehearsal spaces at the CREA, just ask at the reception desk for the room number.

Next workshop
31 May Peter Losing Your Ego CREA 2.01

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