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Students of easylaughs: Krista-Maria Uusitalo

I miss doing improv. I miss letting my creativity blossom. I miss supporting my scene mate. I miss hearing the laughter of the audience.

This is the last show I was in before the harsh lockdown started in the Netherlands. I was playing a granny in a village where no one ever sleeps and I was ready to score some pills to knock me out - preferably dead. This is what improv does 😁

In a future I wanna dedicate more time for my precious hobby and I'm already working towards it by bulding an online business at side. In 2-7 years I will be a master of my own time and I can put as much time and energy on improv as I just want.

Do you love improv as well? Would you wanna try it? There are many ways to start it, just give it a try and you will love it. If you are based in the Netherlands, definitely check out @easylaughsamsterdam and @boomchicagoacademy I have great experience from both and I wish they get to continue courses soon IRL.


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